Welcome to Our School

A dedicated Monk rendered service for more than Fifty Five years for Divine cause, and also to the cause of the poor and down trodden and patronised education through Adaikalamatha College, Vallam. Rev. Fr. V. Antonisamy of Elakkurichy lives in the minds of the Management, Staff and Students of Adaikalamatha College Vallam; and in whose name Fr. Antony Matriculation Higher Secondary School blossoms and prospers in catering useful and value education to the growing kinds and the future citizens of this region of Vallam in Thanjavur District.

Faculty Details
Name of the Staff Qualification Designation
D’SOUZA TONY M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil.,M.B.A Principal
R. RAVICHANDRAN M.Com., M.Ed., Commerce Head Master
K. VIJAYAKUMARI M.A., M.Ed., History Vice Principal
S. VEERAMANI M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., Economics Asst. Head Master
V. KAMALANATHAN B.Sc.,B.P.Ed.,M.Phil.,M.P.Ed., Physical Director
P. SURESH  M.Sc., M.Ed., Maths P.G. Asst.,
T. MURUGANANTHAM M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., Zoo P.G. Asst.,
B.SRIDHAR M.Sc., M.Ed., Physics P.G. Asst.,
M. SENTHILKUMAR  M.A., B.Ed., English P.G. Asst.,
A. VIJAYAKUMARI M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., Tamil P.G. Asst.,
T. JAYASEELAN M.Sc., B.Ed., Zoo P.G. Asst.,
M. NARENDRAN M.Sc., B.Ed., Physics P.G. Asst.,
G. SELVA RANI M.A. B.Ed., English P.G. Asst.,
G. PRIYADHARSHINI M.Sc., B.Ed., Chemistry P.G. Asst.,
S. SUDHA M.A., B.Ed., Tamil P.G. Asst.,
G. SUBHA M.Sc., B.Ed., Maths P.G. Asst.,
G, LAKSHMI M.A., B.Ed., History P.G. Asst.,
S, AROCKIA ESWARI M.Com., B.Ed, Commerce P.G. Asst.,
R, SELVAVATHI M.Sc., B.Ed., Maths P.G. Asst.,
M. VIMALA M.A., B.Ed., Tamil P.G. Asst.,
D. ASWINI MCA., B.Ed., Comp.Sci P.G. Asst.,
S. KARPAGAM M.Sc., B.Ed., Chemistry P.G. Asst.,
P. RADHAKRISHNAN, M.Sc., B.Ed., Bot. P.G. Asst.,
V. KAVITHA M.A., B.Ed., Tamil P.G. Asst.,
N.MOHAN M.A., B.Ed.,English P.G. Asst.,
M.K. VENKATESAN B.Sc., B.Ed., Bot., M.A., Hindi B.T., Asst., Hindi Teacher
K. NEELAVATHY  B.A., B.Ed., English B.T., Asst.,
M. REVATHI B.Sc., B.Ed., Comp.Sci. B.T., Asst.,
D. SAVITHRI B.A., B.Ed., Tamil B.T., Asst.,
M.VENKATESH B.A., B.Ed., D.T.Ed.,English B.T., Asst.,
S. SHARMILA D.T.Ed., B.A., Eng Secondary Grade Teacher
D. DEEPADEVI D.T.Ed., B.A., Eng Secondary Grade Teacher
R. MUTHAMIZHSELVI D.T.Ed., Secondary Grade Teacher
R. ANURATHA D.T.Ed., B.A., Eng Secondary Grade Teacher
R. REVATHI D.T.Ed., Secondary Grade Teacher
S. VANATHY D.A.A., D.P.T.T. Asst.Teacher
L. INDRA M.A., Drawing Teacher
A.SUJATHA B.Com., D.P.T.T. Asst., Teacher
M.I. FATHIMA JOHN   Arabi Teacher